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Having started cutting hair in the studio whilst studying at Camberwell College of Art, Zara went on to train at prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy, to work their way up to Creative Director at Taylor Taylor London, which is ranked alongside the best hair salons in the world. A specialist in men’s and short hair, Zara has assisted some of the most prominent hair stylists in the world, working on Guido Palau’s men’s show schedule for several years.


Zara wanted to break away from the conventional model of the busy salon environment, where so often people do not feel fully seen or listened to. We understand the levels of trust and intimacy that come with getting a haircut, and at Sunbury, have strived to create a space in which the client feels truly heard and cared for. Everyone is welcome and we do not believe that one should pay more or less for a haircut because of their gender.


The salon is situated off Arnold Circus, in Sunbury Workshops, where craftspeople have been working since 1890; honouring haircutting in the category of craft and making. Zara appreciates the possibilities of hair sculpturally as material, giving the chance for your hair to reach its full potential, or reach new ones. Filled with natural light, art and books, the space is peaceful, considered and considerate, allowing for an honest and personal experience. We hope to see you soon.

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